State Ministry​ of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID Disease Control  

vaccination ( Covid - 19 )

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COVID-19 Control Operations

The COVID – 19 pandemic world-wide has triggered an unprecedented challenge on the efficiency and effectiveness of national health care systems. In these extraordinarily difficult  times, health care and frontline staff who are dealing with the pandemic are at risk more than  ever before. The role of the healthcare community has now been elevated as the provider of  the top most national priority service. They play the most critical role in responding to and  recovering from this crisis. Our State Ministry underscores the urgency of controlling this  deadly virus, and dedicates its help for public health authorities to achieving this goal. This virus has exposed significant flaws in our health care system including limits of capacity,  technological inadequacies, research facilitation, and institutional coordination. We need to  streamline the processes, systems and institutional functions to provide for smoother flows  and more efficient operations. Looking ahead, as we strive to protect the health of our  communities and restore the economic viability of our nation, it is clear that we must address  issues of affordability, efficacy of vaccinations, and educating the people to look after their  health with greater responsibility.
Strengthening our institutional systems requires the development of a model which  offers the potential of better understanding the patient populations; prioritizing outreach and  serving the vulnerable patients; forecasting potential hospital bed requirements; estimating hospitalization and intensive care unit utilization; and identifying socioeconomic  consequences for people affected with COVID-19. The combat against the monster virus  requires both providers and beneficiaries embrace new attitudes regarding safety,  responsibility and trust: learn to share responsibility for safety, and trust own measures of  protection subject to collaborating with care providers fully. Beating COVID - 19 will require  non-traditional partnerships, understanding and new communication styles that will resonate  with the cultural, religious and social values of our communities.

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